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Robot Pets

Updated: Jun 20

In an effort to combat loneliness and offset solo living, more and more people are adopting robot pets to provide companionship and drive social connection. The tech is created with personality to take the human-robot relationship to the next level. (Source: WGSN)

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With the demands of day to day life, most people are unable to care for pets. We find it challenging to even spend enough time with friends, let alone caring for an animal. Robotic pets provide the convenience of technology with the affection and companionship of a dog or cat. The virtual pets fill the void of love and affection without any time constraints.

Pet or toy?

Many will say robotic pets are just toys so why the excitement. Robotic pets are designed with machine learning and can adapt to your mood and responses.

Look at Sony's artificial intelligent robot, AIBO who is designed to engage and learn to express itself. Each AIBO develops its own responses giving it a unique personality based on its interactions.

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