• Bronwen Hundley

Privacy is the new Luxury essential

The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has led to increased safety and social distancing concerns. In previous years, private travel such as private jet hire and premium chauffeur services were perceived as an unnecessary luxury and are now look at as essential.

According to CNBC, airline ticket prices have dropped by 30-50% driving down the cost of private air travel resulting in a private jet charter being the same price as a first class ticket on a commercial flight.

While commercial air travel is running at just 15-17% of 2019's total traffic, private jet traffic has increased by 70%. Private jets have flexible pre-paid rental options and are offering bundle rates (10 hour, 15 hour, etc. bundles) at a set price making private travel more accessible and no longer reserved just for the ultra wealthy.

Premium chauffeur services have also seen a large increase in demand as people are opting for driving shorter distances (around 200km to 500km) instead of flying. The covid-19 travel precautions have increased flight travel time making driving seem more luxurious and comfortable.

Following a similar trend, boutique hotel and private villa hire has seen a large increase in demand with people seeking exclusive use amenities such as pools, gyms, kitchens, spas, and more.

It is evident the future of travel has shifted to a desire of exploring the world in privacy.

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