• Bronwen Hundley

Intimacy Schools

Updated: Jun 20

Nearly half of Americans are said to feel that their IRL (in real life) relationships are not meaningful and many are uncomfortable with face to face interactions due to extended use of digital devices facilitating interpersonal connections.

These feelings of detachment are prominent in Millennials (born 1983-1995) and especially in Gen Z cohorts (born 1996 – 2021) who are known as the loneliest generation. Human qualities such as vulnerability, setting boundaries, communication skills and empathy have been lost and are now replaced with emojis. This has led to the trend of intimacy schools. (Source: WGSN)

Intimacy schools hold classes to teach emotional literacy and interpersonal skills, it is ultimately a school teaching us how to be human again. (Source: WGSN)

"We demand big personality from technology but cannot handle a little bit of emotion in another human" - unknown

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