• Bronwen Hundley

Generational Cohorts

You would have heard people referring to Gen z’s, Millennials and Boomers and may have wondered what these terms are and how they impact you or your company. We took a deeper look.


A generation refers to all the people born and living at a similar time, regarded as a collective. It is the average period, generally around twenty years, during which children are born, grow up, become adults, and have children of their own.

A generational cohort is a social science term used to describe and group individuals who have been exposed to similar social events and technological advances which have led to certain ideas, problems, attitudes and mindsets. These generations are normally born at a similar time and experience similar occurrences in life which forces them to adapt and adopt certain behaviors. By understanding the cohorts and their behaviors, we can easily determine their consumer habits and how to effectively communicate with them.


Many may argue, “That’s not me, I don’t fit that profile.” and the previous generations typically reject the values of the next and vice versa - REBELLION

Generational cohorts are generalizations. They are written by the Western world and may vary by region as many ideals and behaviors are driven by cultural beliefs. It is dependent on what you were exposed to growing up.


These generational cohorts are driven by the West. What happens when we shift to the East where attitudes and behaviors are strongly influenced by religion and culture? What happens when we reach one of the world’s most diverse cities, Dubai?

Findings are that generally both genders born and raised in the East behave like the preceding generational cohort in the West.

Interestingly, most Khaleej men raised in urban areas were an exception to this Eastern trend, where they display a hybrid of cohorts, their current generational cohort with some mixed traits of the preceding generation.


• Millennials and Gen Z’s display similar consumer behaviours and value sets. For the first time, we see similarities between these 2 cohorts rather than the usual generational rivalry and rebellion.

• This collective is commonly known as Genzennials.

• Genzennials make up 70% of the UAE’s population. Even though most Eastern populations adopt its preceding generation’s behaviours, they are quickly displaying Genzennial values. Most of the spending power lies with Genzennials.

• Genzennials have been exposed to digital noise and clutter for too long and are looking for simplicity. There is an emerging trend of “committing social media suicide” amongst them in the need to disconnect, breathe and reset. This needs to be considered when marketing and selling to them.

• Everything Genzennials do is captured digitally and this makes them aspire to portray their best values to the world.

• If a brand can inspire Genzennials to be the best versions of themselves in every way possible , they will in turn be inclined to loyally share and follow the brand’s every move.

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