• Bronwen Hundley

Family Reunion

The world is opening up again, festive season is upon us and we are finally embracing the new norms of living with Covid, making now the perfect time for a destination family reunion.

After the turbulent past months, we find ourselves wanting to get away from it all, to reset, reconnect, rebalance and reunite with our loved ones. Upon reflection we want to make up for lost time and enjoy a curated family reunion.

At ember, we have all the information you need to ensure your loved ones can travel safely. We will inform your vaccination requirements, arrange PCR testing, manage flights restrictions and certifications to give you and your family a stress-free travel experience.

We will handpick destinations based on curated collections of multigenerational experiences and provide you all the assistance and guidance to ensure your loved ones are safe, leaving you to focus on your time together.

Contact us and we will create your bespoke, peaceful, luxury family reunion this year.

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