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Digital Fragrances

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Digital smell technology is projected to be among us by 2030. Machine-learning algorithms would allow odors to be transmitted through online spaces by analyzing their structures of scent molecules and predicting their smell which can be sent digitally. This will allow for fully immersive communication and can solve the current obstacle of trading fragrances online. By enabling the adjustment of chemical shapes of scents we could reinforce positive behaviors such as great sleep, cognitive alertness and the adjustment of phycological responses. (Source: WGSN)

Imagine a world where we can simply select our favorite fragrance from a menu and immediately be enveloped in the wonderful world of the smell, igniting all the amazing memories and moods associated with the scent. Then, just as quickly, changing the smell to another favourite at the click of a button. This is not just wishful thinking, it is real-life technology.

This technology may seem ludicrous or unimaginable - how can an algorithm ignite a sense of smell. The Future of Smell founded by Olivia Jezler, simplified in her recent Instagram post.

Olivia Jezler explained in her post "When a moth picks up a scent, like that of a flower, the odors bind to proteins inside the antennae, and these proteins in turn activate neurons dedicated to specific chemicals. That means the antennae are producing electrical signals that researchers can tap into. According to mechanical engineer Melanie Anderson of the University of Washington they could even genetically engineer antenna to sense specific chemicals."

We can just imagine how incredible the future will be once leaders such as Olivia Jezler accomplish their mission and we can transmit smells digitally, imagine being able to smell your best friend's fragrance on Face Time, or the Aroma of coffee and freshly baked breads when scanning the delivery menu, trying new perfumes when online shopping, or a fully immersive VR multi-sensory experience whether touring the Mars house of killing zombies.

The future smells fantastic

Check out the https://www.futureofsmell.com/ where "Perfumery science meets Digital Scent Technology"

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